Hotlife "Custom Camo" 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of 3/4 sleeve baseball tees and I'm glad to see that more and more brands are offering them as part of their catalogs. Some brands are taking it even further than the standard solid body with a contrasting color for the sleeves, offering blanks that hold their own even without decoration.

At first glance I was apprehensive about Hotlife's "Custom Camo" 3/4 Sleeve Baseball Tee, unsure of the combination of the camo sleeves, heather purple body and orange collar. But the more I studied it, it quickly grew on me. Sure, it helps that I feel I could never get tired of camo patterns - but the color combination of the shirt alone is both surprising and refreshing, and has a genuine summertime vibe to it. With the addition of a choice graphic declaring the wearer to be "the baddest of the bad," Hotlife has created a shirt that won't be easily forgotten. Grab yours now in their online store, and check back with them early July for two brand new designs.