Cotton Bureau "Break Dance, Not Hearts" by Josh Reichlin

Cotton Bureau is a new t-shirt community put together by the people behind United Pixelworkers. Basically the way it works is simple - artists submit their designs to Cotton Bureau, whose staff then choose the best and put them up for pre-order for 2 weeks. Then it's up to the community to decide if the shirt gets printed. If 25 shirts get purchased, it goes to print.

The site has been open for a little over two weeks, and all of the designs up for sale so far have been stunning. "Break Dance, Not Hearts" by Josh Reichlin is one of my favorites so far. It's already sold way more than the required 25 t shirts (a whopping 144 at the time of this writing), but there are still 3 more days to make a purchase. If you miss it, don't fret, I'm sure the designs to come will be nothing short of amazing.