Teefury "Dangerous Alone Tattoo" by Atomic Rocket

The best part about the "Legend of Zelda" series from Nintendo is that it unites generations of gamers. Parents who spent hours playing the golden draped "The Legend of Zelda" on NES as a youth can now embark on the adventure with their own kids in the franchise's most recent incarnations on the Wii or 3DS.

Wear your heart on your chest with Atomic Rocket's "Dangerous Alone Tattoo" design, available today only (05/21) at TeeFury. The silver, green and purple blanks all compliment the design equally well, and the transparency of the heart is really sweet.You have about 4 hours from the time of this post to make your purchase; and if your a "Big Lebowski" fan, you may also want to grab Atomic Rocket's other featured t shirt, "Air Dude." 

UPDATE: This is now available until 9 a.m. (EST) on 05/22 through TeeFury’s After Hours, for $14.