Little Lazies "Yoda"

It makes me genuinely happy that there are so many great events and limited edition products associated with Star Wars Day. I love how the Star Wars story is enjoyed by all generations of fans, each fan identifying with this marvelous saga in their own special way. I remember how my friend Jimmy and I would play out our own Star Wars adventures in his backyard when we were kids - he had to have every one of the original Kenner Star Wars toys. There was always a huge debate over who would get to "pilot" the Millennium Falcon. I usually gave in because I couldn't be Darth Vader AND pilot Han Solo's freighter.

The best item this year without a doubt is Little Lazies "Yoda" figurine. There will only be 15 procurable clones of this Jedi Master, dropping at 3pm EST on 05/04.  Fast you must be if own it you must. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm!