Johnny Cupcakes "Big Kid East" vs. "Big Kid West"

I only own one Johnny Cupcakes shirt, the limited edition "Skeleton Hand" that was available exclusively on the “Cupcakes From the Crypt” Coffin Tour this past Halloween. It's not that every drop doesn't include outstanding designs. It's just that by the time I get the cash together and get to the computer, the designs I really want are always sold out in my size. We end up buying the ones I like for my girlfriend if they're still available in her size, like the "Big Kid Lycanthriller."

I'm super stoked that their latest releases, "Big Kid East" and "Big Kid West", are available for pre-order until 05/17. These are undeniably my all time favorite "Big Kid" designs from Johnny Cupcakes. With the pre-order opportunity, there is no way I'm going to miss out on the incredible "Big Kid East" Biggie tribute. I also envision that if Tupac is still alive, he looks a lot like the "Big Kid West," sitting back and enjoying the good life somewhere in South America or on an isolated island paradise.

Pledge your allegiance to your coast, hip hop and rap with one of this phenomenal t shirts, available in both guys and girls cuts in the Johnny Cupcake shop.