Inkefx x Billionaires Apparel "Cassette"

Of all the mobile devices that crowd our pockets and bags these days, I wouldn't want to live without an iPod ever again. It goes everywhere with me - to work, the gym, on a run, while I'm doing yard work, cleaning around my house - everywhere. It doesn't skip like a CD, there is no tape to get eaten like a cassette, and all my music is right in the player. I remember having to carry around a CD book in my car in order to have a selection comparable to the iPod.

MP3 (and CDs) will never be able to recreate is the cassette mixtape, though. Not just the careful thought and selection that went into this collection of music that sent a personal message, but the entire package - the choice of tape brand, the handwritten playlist, custom artwork if you wanted to get fancy, and the color of the tape or case itself if you really wanted to get fancy. The mixtape was a lot more than just plastic and tape. Honor this plastic ambassador with Inkefx's "Cassette," a music-themed collaboration with Billionaires Apparel. Printed on the super soft American Apparel Tri-blend t shirt, you can find it now in the Inkefx shop.