Electric Zombie & Grave Takers Spring Sale

Sure the first day of spring is already more than a month behind us paving the way for summer. There's still a chill in the morning, though, and some areas of the U.S. are still getting snow! Electric Zombie and Grave Takers are offering savings on jackets and hoodies to keep you warm until the weather settles into summer. Here's a handful of the outerwear pieces on sale that are sure to turn heads.

Electric Zombie "Classic" Hoodie

Grave Takers "Hellfire" Reversible Hoodie

Electric Zombie "Smashed" Varsity Jacket

Grave Takers "Johnny Leather" Jacket

Electric Zombie "Avalanche" Jacket

Grave Takers "Streets" Zippered Hoodie

p.s. - I linked to the complete "Sale" sections of both sites because there are a few other items discounted right now, including shirts from Electric Zombies Baby/Kid line, and final print Grave Takers items. SALE ENDS 05/13.