Electric Zombie "Creature Feature - Series 1" Poster Set

Get creepy with Electric Zombie's latest limited edition offering, the "Creature Feature - Series 1" Poster Set. Kyle continues to push the envelope by adding a mind-blowing 3D poster set to a catalog, that besides t shirts, includes a shit-ton of unique apparel, accessories and posters (even dog shirts).
The posters feature movie theater snacks that bite back. In addition to the 3D set, they are also up for grabs as standard prints. Each set consists of two posters, and will set you back either $25 for the standard version, or $40 for the 3D (complete with glasses). Both are limited to only 50 sets, and available only on the front page of theelectriczombie.com - they cannot be purchased through Electric Zombie's MerchNOW storefront.