Design By Humans "Black Romance ver.2" by WinterArtwork

Available today only for just $15 at Design By Humans is WinterArtwork's "Black Romance ver.2." A collaboration between WinterArtwork and Dzeri29, it features some painstakingly intricate line work in the tattoos that cover this skull-wielding temptress. What really impresses me about the design is that it could totally exist without the tattoos, but their inclusion takes it to the next level without looking forced or crowded.

It also happens to be the last day to use the exclusive code “#nomaspantalones26″ (no quotes but be sure to use the hashtag) to receive 26% of your entire Design By Humans purchase. Visit WinterArtwork's DBH Collective store before you check out, as you may just find more than one of his designs to use the discount code on.