Under The Influence

The Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con and Philly Beer Week both kicked off yesterday, so be prepared for more than the usual amount of comic book and beer related posts. I apologize in advance if it's not your thing.

Here's half a case worth of alcohol-induced t shirts from brands and artists that appreciate tasty libations as much as I do. I also figure if you're in the area and plan on attending Philly Beer Week, you may still have time to purchase any of these shirts and have them before the event ends.

 Orcus Brand "Orcus Brew"

Fuzzy Ink "Brewed To Be Hip"

 604 Republic "Drunken Clam"

Dance Party Massacre "Blood, Sweat & Beers"

VNM "Brewcifix" Tank Top

Night Watch "Barfweiser Eagle" Baseball Tee

 Glitch Gaming Apparel "SFIV Hadoken"

ANTIX "Drunk"