Threadless "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Challenge

 There was a time that almost my entire closet was made up of Threadless t shirts. I've gone up a shirt size since then, and with this "growth" has come a shift in the contents of my wardrobe. I still make a purchase here and there, but I've never voted on designs - I always peruse the email newsletters just to see the top picks. It wasn't until the recent "Spider-Man" contest that the theme really drew me in. I was blown away by the number of impressive designs and couldn't resist picking up "Mysterio Is Watching..." by Azrhon.

Now as much as I'm fond of Spiderman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are part of the holy trinity of my youth, sharing the bill with Transformers and G.I. Joe. So I've been anxiously waiting for my chance to score the entries in Threadless' "TMNT" Challenge. The submission deadline was 04/15, and voting will be open for 5 more days. There are 1013 designs in total - here are a dozen designs that I'm crushing on.

"Face Your Doom" by iThew (aka Matthew Skiff)

"Yearbook" by Gaunty

"Channel 6 News" by Dawndarkharp (aka Amanda Flagg)

"Fearsome Fighting Team" by bennyd302 (aka Ben Douglass)

"Sewer Surfing" by NVasion

"Crane Kick" by Gaunty

"Four Ronin" by melmike

"Turtle Mashers" by Boobless (aka Bob Rissetto)

"Sensei's Collection" by Albinoraven (aka Glen Brogan)

"We Can Do It Too!" by grungethemovie (aka Hugo Dourado)

"Cool But Rude" by ronald.wimberly (aka Ron Wimberly)

"Pizza Party" by kyleandrewharlan (aka Kyle Harlan)

So head over to Threadless, get your vote on, and than reward yourself by playing some "Turtles In Time" courtesy of SNESbox.com.