The Hundreds x Grateful Dead "Circle" Crew

I'm not a Deadhead, but the classic Grateful Dead icons are some of the most well crafted and easily recognizable in music industry merchandising. The lightning bolt skull and dancing bears are as distinguishable as the music itself.

Leave it to streetwear innovators The Hundreds to show these immortal graphics the respect they're due, while at the same time tranforming them into something even more appealing with The Hundred x Grateful Dead collaboration. The only thing predictable about this surprising match-up is that the collection dropped on 4/20. When Bobby Hundreds breaks down the project, though, it all makes sense. There isn't one item in this collection that disappoints, and besides the standard graphic shirts, tanks and sweatshirts; it also includes a jacket, patterned woven button down and high top sneakers.

I prefer the tie-dye blanks in this collection to the alternatives, but this solely has to do with the fact that the Grateful Dead and the trippy patterns go hand in hand. The "Circle" crew is perfect for cool summer nights around the fire pit; its graphic featuring Adam Bomb jamming with the dancing bears. The Hundreds x Grateful Dead logo on the back is a nice finishing touch.