Miles To Go "Dharma Bums"

I first stumbled upon the writers of the "Beat Generation" when I found "The Portable Beat Reader" in the "Required Reading" section of my college's bookstore. I identified with them immediately, and continue to explore the works of these influential authors.

Miles To Go's "Dharma Bums" t shirt draws inspiration from the book of the same name, penned by one of the movement's most well known members, Jack Kerouac. The standard edition is available on a black blank, but I'm really drawn to the limited edition, dark brown version (and I generally avoid brown shirts like the plague). The ink choices in combination with the brown blank create an earthy mood that conveys the idea that the main character finds true peace in his exploration of nature.

If you prefer the dark brown version, don't delay in making your purchase, as it is limited to a mere 17 pieces.