Мishka x Lasonic "Ghetto Blaster"

Back as a teenager I spent my summers working at a camp in the woods. Sure I enjoy nature, but at the time I liked the freedom of living away from home even more. I had this beat-up old boombox that I would blast everywhere, no parents around to tell me "TURN IT DOWN!" It was with me at the volleyball court during the lunch break, staff quarters after hours, even to the showers at night. All dented  and covered in stickers, that baby treated me well for four summers.

This Мishka x Lasonic "Ghetto Blaster" featuring artwork by L'Amour Supreme may not have the same sentimental value, but it is one hell of an upgrade. L'Amour Supreme's artwork will make your eyeballs orgasm, and the multiple inputs Lasonic has outfitted this beast with can handle any of your digital devices (including those that are bluetooth enabled).

It's available exclusively at the Mishka flagship locations and through their online shop.