GLORP Gum! Inaugural Release

One of the most important elements of the formula behind any successful indie clothing company seems to be establishing who and what the brand is about. The literature that drives Miles To Go, the video games that inspire 8-Bit Zombie, the sports that get Homage ramped up, the horror imagery and childhood memories of pop culture re-imagined by Electric Zombie, just to name a few,  make sure customers can identify with the brand. But then there are the rare few that go in another direction and create a fantastic backstory that guides the brand - GLORP Gum! is the freshest example of this.

GLORP Gum! is a whimsical bubble gum company rejuvinated by Brad McGinty, that ships a bonus t shirt with each gumball purchase. If Ed "Big Daddy" Roth had won the Golden Ticket, GLORP Gum! would be the result. The website alone is as intoxicating as the designs themselves. Take time to read the intriguing GLORP Gum! "history," which includes the commercial at the top of this post, I promise you'll enjoy it.

It's hard to choose a favorite t shirt, I mean gum. I'm all about sour candy, so based on flavor I'd have to go with "Glorp Xtreme!" gum ball and the "Who's Bad? Party Time!" shirt that accompanies it. The colors scream summer; it begs to be paraded down the boardwalk or beach (sans sleeves, without a doubt).

The drop includes 4 gum/shirt combos, a set of posters, and a bunch of other terrific GLORP Gum! swag. I only ordered the "1970's GLORP" patch - I've been busy patching up all the "naked" button down shirts and jackets in my closet - but I definitely plan on grabbing something else soon. Also, for any of you that are like me and are a fan of Brad's prior work (which includes the adorably creepy "Anatomy Of The Mogwai" print) you can find them for sale in the same place.