Colus x Kidrobot "The Hunted" 8 Inch Dunny

What's black & white & just plain beautiful all over? The soon to be released "The Hunted" 8' Dunny, a collaboration between Colus and Kidrobot. I've been enthusiastically awaiting the creation of a Colus toy ever since I discovered the brand and saw the "toys" link on the shop page. The transition of Colus' work to a three-dimensional art piece is so fluid - the detail on the horns, the unforced incorporation of the Colus logo, and the addition of the trophy plaque collar are astonishing. The finished product is even more incredible than I expected.

Prepare a place for it now in your vinyl toy collection, as it will be up for sale April 11th both online at kidrobot.com and Kidrobot retail locations.