StandOut Stickers “Sticker of the Month Club” Review

This post is a little overdue, but I wanted to make sure my the quality of my review matched the high caliber of this product. Back in January and February, as StandOut Stickers was busy rolling out their new "Sticker of the Month Club," they were running all kinds of promotional giveaways. I was fortunate to win one during the night of Super Bowl XLVII.

StandOut Stickers was generous enough to send me two of each of the first three months' stickers. They arrived in one of these custom "Sticker of the Month Club" envelopes. I work for a copy/offset printing company, so I was not only impressed by the stickers, but these envelopes as well. Printing all around is top notch. You'll have to forgive me for the use of the stock StandOut Stickers photos - I was so excited to get my stickers that I tore the envelopes apart like a kid opening presents Christmas morning.

My favorite design to date is also the most recently available, "Medusa" by Danielle Marciniak. Each sticker comes centered within a full 4" x 9.25" sheet that includes the title of the design, as well as the artist and their personal website. Seems like the perfect way for the artists themselves to build their personal fanbase, and it gives the recipient the means to explore the other works of an artist whose style catches their eye. I see a lot of full color printing during my work week, and getting vibrant color can sometimes be an issue when printing this way. Reviewing these pieces, I can honestly say StandOut Stickers knows how to get the job done.

Each sheet showcases StandOut Stickers' kiss cut sticker sheets. What that means is that the vinyl sticker material is cut, but not the backing material, making it like those sticker sheets you would get as a youngster. I keep my unused stickers in a box until I have a home for each one, and as opposed to a die-cut sticker, the extra surface area of the sheet keeps the edge of the sticker from getting all beat up before I even get a chance to use it.

I slapped "Medusa" on my snowboard a few weeks ago (man, I think it's time for a new board). It peeled right off the sheet without any of the edges catching, and I didn't have any trouble with air bubbles when applying it. I haven't noticed any sign of wear or tear - it's in the wet snow all day when I'm riding, and my boot goes over it every time I get on and off the lift.

I"m beyond impressed with the "Sticker of the Month Club," and these samples of StandOut Stickers' capabilities. If you're into personalizing your stuff with stickers (I'm putting the others on my Xbox, car, skateboard, and toolbox), and are tired of just receiving bills and junk in the mail, definitely consider signing up for a membership at stickerofthemonth.com. I could also see it as an overall inexpensive reward for the pre-teen or teen in your life that works hard in school and might really get a kick out of the surprise mail.