Villains Clothing "Animal Style" Snapback

I pretty much only own fitteds and a few military style caps. I recently picked up the "Smashed" snapback from Electric Zombie, though, and I'm kinda warming up to the style. I understand the appeal of the snapback to clothing companies - they are one size fits most, there is no need to stock 8 different sizes, I assume they are cheaper to produce, and their retro feel has made them popular right now.

Villains Clothing show's off some exceptional detailing with their new "Animal Style" snapback. It includes raised embroidery of their logo in neon blue on a black crown. Combined with neon blue accents (button, vent holes, underbrim stitching and adjuster) and a leopard print brim, it makes for a damn sexy snapback.

To add it to your wardrobe, head over to the Villians Clothing webstore.