Electric Zombie "The New Old" Collection

I own way too many t shirts, and could go 3-4 months without wearing the same shirt. Somehow Electric Zombie's "Takeout" works it's way into my wardrobe once a month. Undoubtedly my favorite shirt, it beckons compliments from the strangest sources, including the old ladies who work the gates at the Susquehanna Bank Center. I knew I was eventually going to wear it out and need another one; I was bummed when it went on final print and I didn't have the cash on hand to pick it up.

Lucky for me, Electric Zombie introduced "The Old New" collection this past weekend. This drop includes updated versions of some of EZ's best pop culture and horror designs. Some of the artwork received color tweaks, but most are being reprinted on the same color blanks as the original releases. A few designs are also taking on new roles as sweatshirts, with 3 crewnecks and a hoodie.

I'm definitely going to pick up "Takeout," and quite possibly the "Ecto" Gray/Black Crewneck (even though I already own the t shirt version). I've always thought "Sacrifice" was pretty cool as well. Pick up one of these reincarnated designs from the Electric Zombie shop before they disappear for good.