BustedTees "Shirt Bowl 2013"

It's kinda funny the way things turn out. Back in October when I featured football fan gear for teams in the North and East, I had a hard time finding a Baltimore  shirt that wasn't made by Nike, Reebok or Majestic. Of course San Francisco's rich football history has makes it easy to find fresh and original designs, and it helps that the city is home base for more than a few streetwear brands.

Flash forward to about 1-1/2 weeks before the end of the 2012-2013 season, and these conference champions are going head-to-head in the BustedTees "Shirt Bowl 2013." Both "Gold Rush" and "Charm City" crush any generic design you're going to find from the big athletic brands. You'll definitely stand out from the waves of bandwagon fans and haters on "Super Bowl" Sunday.

Order now to receive your shirt in time for the game, and save $5 with the code "SHIRTBOWL13". No worries if your team didn't make it - the discount also applies to all BustedTees Loyalist shirts, celebrating the best of sports.