Bigg Stank Dogg "Mega-City One Judgin' Jury"

I have no idea why I sat through back-to-back showings of the 1995 film "Judge Dredd" on G4 last night. In my defense, I wasn't totally "watching" it, the TV was on in the background while I was on the computer.

I had a bunch of the 1986 "Judge Dredd" comic books when I was younger, and I think that every time I watch the movie I subconsciously hope it's somehow going to get better. I didn't get a chance to see the newest incarnation of this character, entitled "Dredd," when it hit theaters this past September, but it is due out on DVD next week (01/08/12). Based on the original trailer and reviews, it looks like filmakers finally did this sometimes underrated character and his accompanying  stories some justice (no pun intended).

Bigg Stank Dogg also pays respect to the man who is "The Law" with his extremely well-done "Mega-City One Judgin' Jury" t shirt. The Judge Dredd x Fighting Irish mash-up is seamless. I can see it now - kids participating in the Judges' Police Athletic League, wearing this while they run up and down the field.

You can find the "Mega-City One Judgin' Jury" design now at Bigg Stank Dogg's RedBubble store. You can also choose a long sleeve t shirt (among other options for the type of item it's printed on), and change the color of the blank.