8-Bit Zombie "Lucas"

Right at the end of 2012, 8-Bit Zombie restocked some of their raddest designs, and put together some super cool new "Power Packs" containing patches and stickers. If you've been following my ramblings, you know I had to have these "Power Packs" the moment they were available. A few of the "NES Pack" stickers went right on my Xbox with my Skummie stickers.

One of the other items that I've been fiending for since it sold out last time is the  "Lucas"  t shirt. There are so many things that make this design great - the "The Wizard"'s bad boy's skull complete with flowing blonde locks and "Wayfarer-esque" sunglasses, the NES cartridge silhouette and "Power Glove," and the wicked type with it's killer color gradient. It's so freakin' 80's, it's golden! Available now from 8-Bit Zombie's online shop.