Mondo "Berserker"

I'm always happy to see an email newsletter from Mondo in my inbox, because I know it's going to contain images of their latest prints, which always leave me awe-struck. So, I clicked on the link to their blog in order to view the larger thumbnails, and ended up in their shop perusing their previous releases that were still available. I would love to deck out my walls and halls with a bounty of their limited edition prints, but I always end up missing the opportunity due to the need to pay my bills first, or I lack the chance to jump on my computer at work before the stock has been exhausted. I guess I've grown accustomed to drooling over their prints that I had forgotten their occasional apparel offerings. Within seconds of clicking the "apparel" link, my eyes went straight to this face-melting beauty.

The "Berserker" t shirt by Tyler Stout is actually part of the "Brain Damage" line curated by Tyler himself for Mondo. This shirt is hands down the best in the line, but there is a breakdown of every well-drawn piece over on Stout's blog. I could never pull off this color shirt in all it's 80's, face melting glory, so I'd probably have to settle for the remaining white version.

Mondo also happens to be running a sale right now on older shirts, marked down to only $10. I wish all neck tags were as fun as the one on the "Mondo Comics" t shirt (check it out here).