La Muerta "Mal del Ojo"

It's hard to believe it's been a little over a month since La Muerta concluded their first line "Act 01: Hey, Hi there… I am Lady Death” and announced the beginning of their second, "Act 02: Al Son del Hueso." Since that time, they've come out strong with a total of 6 items, including a hat and hoodie among the standard t shirts.

The newest addition, the "Mal del Ojo" t shirt, features hypnotic artwork by Ien Levin. "Mal del Ojo" translates to "evil eye," and this design is definitely wicked. It also has to be hand drawn and scanned, because the shading looks amazing!

The shirt is scheduled to ship sometime in January 2013; and if you purchase it before it goes to print, you can take advantage of the discounted pre-order price.