Tribe "Ultra Clubhouse" Raglan

It's been a little over a month since Tribe opened their storefront in Louisville, Kentucky. This Monday (11/05/12) they posted a video tour of the shop that left me insanely jealous of the Louisville crowd. The spot looks astonishing, has a real chill vibe to it, and they feature pieces of some of the best independent brands in addition to their own.

One of the dopest shirts in the shop has to be their new "Ultra Clubhouse" raglan t shirt. I own a few raglans (a.k.a. baseball tee or 3/4 sleeve jersey), and I wish more clothing companies made designs available on these blanks. The red body and navy sleeves make this shirt really unique, not to mention the flawless artwork. Most of the raglan shirts out there have a white body and color sleeves, with the occasional black body and white sleeves.

You may not be heading out to Louisville anytime soon, but you can purchase it over at the Tribe webstore.