Grave Takers Black Friday 2012 - Jackets

The best thing to come out of Black Friday this year, other than the killer sales, was the newest Grave Takers release. There isn't a bad looking shirt in the bunch, and the custom accessories are outstanding (two words - "patch pack"); but the items that really stand out are the custom jackets.

Each jacket has it's own character, but Grave Takers does a nice job maintaining branding at the same time. Common detailing that includes branded buttons, zippers, and coffin shaped stitching on the back panels create a cohesiveness between all the pieces. Of course all 3 jackets are black. I prefer the Bureau Peacoat above the rest, but it's only because I already own both a leather and denim jacket.

All 3 are available now at gravetakers.com (scroll to the right for the shop link).  Some other items I really like are the "Guillotine" polo, "Flail" long sleeve t shirt, and "Prophet" t shirt.