Rob Osborne "G.I. Joe Hand 2 Hand Combat Diagram"

When I think back to my pre-teen years, G.I. Joe was a big part of it. We played with the toys, read the comics, drew pictures of the characters, watched the television show, and ran through the streets with toy guns (without the orange tips) pretending we were in the television show. I'd like to think I've grown up since then, but I own as much camo clothing now as I did then, and I dressed up like Cobra Commander last Halloween.

So you could guess how psyched I was when, as I was perusing Etsy looking for old G.I. Joe figures, I came across this fantastic artwork by Rob Osborne, his "G.I. Joe Hand 2 Hand Combat Diagram" art print. Reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein, but with a superhero twist; I purchased it without hesitation to add to my budget art collection. I also grabbed "Full Speed Ahead," proving Osborne's subject matter transcends comics. The "TIBET Travel Poster" will definitely be my next purchase, it'll look perfect in my living room.

Visit his Etsy store to add one of his prints to your walls.