Brooklyn Museum "Keith Haring: 1976 - 1982" Exhibit

I just went to check out the Brooklyn Museum's Keith Haring exhibition this past weekend. The exhibition is running now until July 8th, 2012 and focuses on the early years of Haring's career. I really dig Haring's heavy line work and consider him one of the greatest American artists. It's also cool that if you're reading this, you were alive during some point of his career. The same can't be said for the masters of the Early Renaissance, Post-Impressionists, or the Cubists (to name a few).

My favorite parts of the exhibition were the original black paper and chalk posters that graced the New York subway stations, and his journals. If you can't make the exhibit, check out the Keith Haring Tumblr set up by the Keith Haring Foundation. Every day of the exhibit, they will post a new page from Haring's 1978-1982 journals. You can also pick up t shirts, books, and other items featuring Haring's artwork at the Pop Shop site.