La Muerta "B-Bushi" by Osmoze

Boomboxes and bushido blades, that's what the b-boy assassian B-Bushi is made of. Osmoze could have just stopped with the killer illustration for La Muerta's newest tee "B-Bushi," but instead he put the icing on the cake by adding custom lettering reminiscent of an 80s metal band. Save $2 by pre-ordering this new design from the La Muerta shop before it ships in the upcoming weeks.

Buy Me Brunch "Pantalones"

It's almost here, that time of year when we all put our long pants in the back of our drawers or closets. Guys break out the shorts, women the skirts, and old men hike up what resembles a pair of skorts until it fully covers their belly buttons. Honestly, I think at this point in my blogging career, if you put the word "pantalones" on a shirt, I'll probably mention it. Fortunately Buy Me Brunch's "Pantalones" t shirt looks good as well. I can also attest the tees are soft and the printing is well done - I bought my girlfriend the "Becky" scoopneck about a month ago. Limited sizes remain in stock at buymebrunch.com.


Electric Zombie "Immortal Wrestling Deadie" & "Madness Wrestling Deadie" Toys

I've always thought that Tonka's Wrestling Buddies were the baddest stuffed "doll" a little guy could be seen totting around or napping with. They've made a comeback with Mattel's Brawlin' Buddies, but I have to admit the definition of their pecks look a little weird. Well Electric Zombie has topped them both (yes, even the originals) with these epic wrestling "Deadies." With a look that undeniably ties them to the brand, these guys take this years' entire wrestling collection's title "Legends Never Die" to Electric Zombie's level. The "Immortal Wrestling" and "Madness Wrestling Deadies" sold out immediately, but you can still grab one through a pre-order that ends Friday, 04.18.14, at noon EST. After that time, the "Madness Wrestling Deadie" will be gone forever! Each is reasonably priced at $60, as they are handmade in the U.S.A. and truly special. The "Mega Powers" set will get you both at the discounted price of $100.

As I mentioned, both are part of the "Legends Never Die" collection, which continues to capture the best wrestling icons in only a way that Electric Zombie can. In addition to the toys, there are five new t shirts (I feel like Papa Shango needed little alteration) and two prints. If you're feeling the entire line, you'd be a fool if you didn't pull the trigger on the "Dead Match" box set, which includes everything except the toys for only $100. Check out this spectacular drop now in the Electric Zombie Merchline store.

Glitterhell x Idol Kill Collaboration

Glitterhell has enlisted the help of Idol Kill to once again unleashed the kitty beasts, and evil looks so damn adorable. The "Holy Spirit Muffins" and "The Ascension of Caedmon" ladies crewneck tees can only be obtained through Glitterhell's webstore, and the four veladora-like candles from Idol Kill's. Keeping with Glitterhell's previous releases, these pieces are glittery gold, so you can expect them to sell out quickly. Act fast if you can't live without these cuddly demons, and stop by Glitterhell's Facebook page to see photos of these kittens before they went darkside.


Sizzle Pie "Hescher Pizza Party Fun Pack"

As if I didn't have enough buttons and pins already, there was no way I could pass up Sizzle Pie's "Hescher Pizza Party Fun Pack." I just ordered them tonight, but I've already chosen a home for each of these unique pieces of pizza praising flair. You can find them solely in the Pizza Party HQ store for just $4 before shipping.

United Pixelworkers "Pinwheel" V-Neck

I love the playfulness (and the placement) of the five-sided UP star logo adorning United Pixelworkers' first v-neck tee, "Pinwheel." It doesn't get any softer than water-based inks on a tri-blend American Apparel tee - I have a feeling this shirt could see heavy rotation in your summer wardrobe. Today, 04.16.14, is the last day to reserve one for yourself, with the pre-order period ending at 2pm EDT. You can also pick up a three-pack of matching Tattly temporary tattoos for only $3.


Tailgate "Boston Strong"

Today, 04.15.14, marks the one year anniversary of the terrorist attack that shook the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Attracting runners from all over the world, the bombing that occured in turn affected not only residents of the United States, but athletes and their families from the global community as well. Survivors suffered both physically and mentally, and are still in the early stages of their recovery.

With this year's race six days away, "Boston Strong" will be just as important of a sentiment as last year. If you choose to buy a shirt (or any item) sporting the slogan that celebrates the strength of the running community and of Boston, please make sure that the company producing it isn't exploiting your good intentions. These companies should be donating their profits to the One Fund Boston, which supports the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. One year later, the One Fund's "focus now includes community building, coordinating programs and services and effectively collecting donations to help meet the significant ongoing needs of the survivor community," and intend to make a second distribution of donations later this year.

Tailgate's "Boston Strong" t shirt has a vintage look that is fitting of the race's (and city's) long standing history. It's a timeless design that will hold a place in your wardrobe years from now. All profits have and will continue to be donated to the One Fund. There are two other designs available in store in both mens and womens cuts.

You can also make a donation directly to the One Fund through the charity's own website.

teeVillain "Nocturnal Song" by Hillary White Rabbit

I always wondered what the Caped Crusader did in the wee hours of the night when there was a lull in crime-fighting action. Hillary White Rabbit's "Nocturnal Song," captures Batman in his classic costume jamming out to some classic rock. Given a texture treatment to resemble the well-worn t shirt you bought at your favorite concert, this mash-up is available for a few more hours today, 04.15.14, from teeVillain. I purchased my first shirt from them a little over a month ago, and can attest to their exceptional print quality.

UPDATE - 04.16.14: This is now available both with and without the "NA NA NA NA NA" text in Hillary White Rabbit's RedBubble shop.


Brooklyn Industries "From The Depths" & "East River Maiden"

If you have gotten a whiff of the scent given off by any of the waterways surrounding or winding through NYC, you have at least once contemplated what kind of unusual creatures might lurk in their murky depths. Brooklyn Industries casts out their own theories with a pair of graphic tees that look like they could have easily had past lives as sideshow banners. Get your freak on with either "From The Depths" or "East River Maiden" at full price, and enjoy 50% off any second Spring 2014 item. No code is necessary, the discount will be applied automatically to your cart.