It's been years since the words "Hold my beer" have crossed my lips, and although the details of the events that followed each time are hazy, I definitely have a few scars to remind me of fun times. Let it be noted there were an equal amount of times with more favorable outcomes. Come to think of it, the more painful ones always involved a pretty girl tending to my wounds, so I can't complain. Chive Tees nailed it with the description of their "Hold My Beer" t shirt and I just had to have it when it showed in their email newsletter. The shirt arrived just this Tuesday, and I can attest to it being a high quality print on a super soft cut and sew tee. Artist Denton Watts is new to me - I really dig his ultra minimal use of color and simple but bold style. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his work, and at the time of this post Chive Tees just premiered another design of his, "Ain't My First Rodeo."   You can find Chive Tees exclusively through The Chivery, and sign up for their newsletter to keep on top of new releases.



Fall has officially arrived, and with it emerge the deep colors of the season. Camel, maroon, deep purple, rust, olive, mustard, and chocolate brown all can help you mix up your wardrobe without being too bright. Brooklyn Industries' "Lawrence Fallscatter" button down will make you stand out from the crowd and put you ahead of the trend with its custom autumn-themed print and extra details. Contrasting navy lined cuffs, alternate colored "gauntlet" buttons, and a loop button closure at the bottom front are all standard features of the brand's "Lawrence" fit. Larger sizes are still available through brooklynindustries.com.



It's only the middle of September, but I'm already getting amped up for Halloween. I've visited my local Walmart way more than I'd like to admit this past week, stalking the shelves for the MGM/Fox Horror re-releases. My girlfriend says if I'm not careful I'm going to become one of the "People of Walmart." I'm just anxious for the fun stuff to hit the shelves. CAVITYCOLORS is the first of the brands that I follow to drop their Halloween release this year, which includes three shirts and three prints. The "Season Of The Witch" tee shares its name with that of the collection, and is certainly the headliner of this release. Channeling "Halloween III," it's guaranteed to get you in spooky mood and feening for sugar. Peruse all the new items now in the CAVITYCOLORS shop.



Since its 2013 inception, Standout Stickers' Sticker Club's monthly releases have never disappointed with their vivid colors and roster of talented artists. September's "Unlucky Cat: Nine Lives" by Lacko Illustration is certainly no exception. Though it depicts a tiger, it brings to mind depictions of the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca. As always you can purchase one, three, ten or the entire 2014 subscription at stickersclub.com.



There was a time I hated logo tees, with the over abundance of Gap arched logo tees and sweatshirts so undeservingly trendy in their blandness. It's funny because now I look back at them with more of a feeling of nostalgia than disgust. In contrast, brands today have realized they need a strong logo that conveys their style instantly if they hope to stand out in the sea of competitors both big and small. One look through the brands I've featured on this site and you'll agree independent apparel companies have fully embraced this idea.

Even if you aren't familiar with Selector!'s reggae roots, you can definitely appreciate the wordmark featured on their "Signature" tee. Its casual thick to thin lines, hand drawn feel and the clever playfulness of the "S" resembling the symbol of the U.S. dollar sign may look so perfectly effortless, but make no mistake, it's far from unrefined. In doing so, it conveys the laid-back and easy-going vibes associated with this genre of music. The design's current incarnations in the Selector! shop includes white and navy tees, as well as a white women's racerback tank.



I don't think I really need to go into why VNM's "Alcohol Enthusiast" is such a great tee - it speaks for itself. I personally like to consider myself more of an "appreciator." While everyone else is rocking the jersey of their favorite football team this season, share the real reason that you're out tailgating. The shirt joins "ZF Forgiven" as the newest additions to VNM's online store.