Twin Serpents "Slice & Dice"

Twin Serpents "Slice & Dice" tells of a legendary battle between gods that spanned decades, a tale as fantastic as the resulting artwork itself. Brian and Kevin Luong have teamed up to breathe life into this design. As anyone with a sibling can attest, working on a project of this magnitude doesn't always go off without a hitch. Did an epic confrontation go down over art direction? Up for sale now on pre-order as either a t shirt or tank top scheduled to ship mid or late May.

ANTIX "Bat Thrasher"

I'm digging all three tees that make up ANTIX's 420 release, but I find myself most stoked about the gnarly "Bat Thrasher" with its whirlwind of pizza and beer. It probably also has to do with the fact that it's penned by an illustrator whose work I really enjoy, Cityhall. Not 100% positive, but that looks a lot like Wingnut from TMNT tearing it up, and the additional shirts are plastered with the mugs of some infamous Turtles' villains. Stop by iloveantix.com to peruse the delivery in its entirety.


VNM "Solid As They Come"

"Good Things Come to Those Who Hate," "Hate What You Will" and "ZFG" are reoccuring mottos that may sum up the indifferent attitude of the VNM crew, but "Solid As They Come" aptly describes the brand itself. When it comes to putting out consistently strong pieces that never lose sight of their established image and vision, very few come close to these knuckleheads. If anyone disagrees, just send them to this little guy. Suit up over at the VNM shop.


Hydro74 "Playboy Trooper" Patch

I'd like to imagine that if they celebrated Easter on the Death Star (R.I.P.), Darth Vader would show his softer side and embrace this holiday for the children. He would paint his helmet like an egg, and command his Stormtroopers to don pink ears and bow ties as portrayed by Hydro74's "Playboy Trooper" patch. Haha, just playing, that bad dude could give a damn about the children! He was crusty and old before he genuinely cared about his own kids. Seriously, he cut off his only son's hand!

I found this patch while searching for patches for my denim jacket covered in 80s themed patches. Even though the Playboy bunny logo dates back to the 50s, and Stormtroopers first appeared in the late 70s, I associate both with my youthful, preteen fantasies and obsessions. The design is also available on a lighter and keychain from Hydro74's personal shop.

Little Lazies "Random Bun-Buns" Figurines

Little Lazies "Limited Edition Bunnies" were gone in a flash during Friday and Saturday's sales, but "Random Bun-Buns" have been added to Little Lazies Etsy store. If you miss out on this initial run of blind bag bunnies as well, no worries, they will be restocked at a later date  (once all the current orders are fulfilled). So skip the chocolate and jelly beans and treat yourself to a calorie-free cute or zombie "Bun-Bun."


Dress Code - April 19th, 2014

Clockwise from top left:
Threadless "Cyberpunx" by Matt Furie
Oakley "Frogskins" Sunglasses in Acid Tortoise Green with Emerald Lens
American Apparel "Tri-Blend" Hoodie in Tri-Navy
Dr. Martens "3989 Brogue Wing Tip" Shoe in Dark Red

Gallery1988 "Ghostbusters 30th" Collaborations

Gallery1988 has been teasing some of the artwork from their much anticipated "Ghostbusters 30th" exhibit all week on their Tumblr page and the show's official website, and it all looks so RAD! The show celebrates the 30th anniversary of the original "Ghostbusters" movie, which I remember seeing in the theater. I remember watching the initial library scene through the spaces between my fingers as I covered my eyes - I was such a little pussy.

My favorite pieces that they've previewed so far are the t shirt collaborations made specifically for the event and are available for the first time at tonight's NYC opening, 04.19.14. Homage, Johnny Cupcakes, Rebel8 and LRG (clockwise from top left) have made each one their own with looks that undeniably represent their individual styles; without sacrificing what fans love about the movie. You can peep larger previews in the original Tumblr post.

All four will be available at each of the exhibits four stops in limited quantities. Since I won't be able to make it to any on the list, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a few eventually make it to the clothing section of the gallery's online shop, or each brand's respective webstores. "I ain't afraid of no ghosts!"

Daggers For Teeth "Secrets - Version 6" & "Wolf" Patch Collaboration With Nine Lives

It was a long week at my day job, so my tired ass slept right through Daggers For Teeth's noonish drop of the "Secrets - Version 6" t shirt and "Wolf" patch produced in collaboration with Nine Lives. Of course the inventory of these coveted and super-limited items depleted quickly. If you wear a mens SMALL though, you're still in luck. That size of this discharge-printed charcoal gray beast has yet to be sold out (for now). At the time of this post, the "Wolf" patch is also still up for grabs through Nine Lives webstore.


La Muerta "B-Bushi" by Osmoze

Boomboxes and bushido blades, that's what the b-boy assassian B-Bushi is made of. Osmoze could have just stopped with the killer illustration for La Muerta's newest tee "B-Bushi," but instead he put the icing on the cake by adding custom lettering reminiscent of an 80s metal band. Save $2 by pre-ordering this new design from the La Muerta shop before it ships in the upcoming weeks.

Buy Me Brunch "Pantalones"

It's almost here, that time of year when we all put our long pants in the back of our drawers or closets. Guys break out the shorts, women the skirts, and old men hike up what resembles a pair of skorts until it fully covers their belly buttons. Honestly, I think at this point in my blogging career, if you put the word "pantalones" on a shirt, I'll probably mention it. Fortunately Buy Me Brunch's "Pantalones" t shirt looks good as well. I can also attest the tees are soft and the printing is well done - I bought my girlfriend the "Becky" scoopneck about a month ago. Limited sizes remain in stock at buymebrunch.com.